ARC Updates AbacusPCR Cost Recovery Software

April 05, 2011
Added Functions Include Print Retrieval, Rules-Based Printing, Color and Black&White Recognition, Phone Call Tracking, and Greater Third-Party Product Integration


American Reprographics Company (NYSE: ARC), the nation's leading provider of reprographics services and technology, today announced a major upgrade to its AbacusPCR print cost recovery software. Used for keeping track of printing costs and reimbursable print jobs in an office environment, the Company highlighted the software's new features and functionality while maintaining the easy-to-use interface that has been a hallmark of the application since its general release in 2008.

"Once users see how much money they can recover by tracking reimbursable print costs, demand for expanded tracking capabilities spikes quickly," said Jonathan Styrlund, product manager for AbacusPCR. "While simplicity is the key to Abacus's popularity, once users see the potential for greater profitability, they want to capture more and different kinds of data from a greater variety of other systems. Our new functions go a long way toward addressing those needs."

ARC's CTO, Rahul Roy, said, "Our technology objectives are completely aligned with our goals as document management partner: to relieve our customers' pain points in print cost recovery, and to deliver the best solutions in the market place. Every enhancement of AbacusPCR was requested by customers and is designed to increase their profitability and reduce their costs."

New features in the latest release include:

--  Print Retrieval -- allows administrators to hold print jobs in a
    printer's queue until the recipient is physically at the printer to
    retrieve them in order to avoid forgotten or wasted printing, and to
    increase security for confidential documents.
--  Rules-Based Printing -- sets permissions and parameters for print jobs
    to limit device access or to redirect large jobs to lower-cost
--  Color Recognition -- detects color vs. B&W print jobs, improving
    tracking accuracy and potentially increasing reimbursables.
--  Print Validation -- gives print network managers the ability to
    mandate print tracking as a part of each print request, prior to the
    print production, raising awareness and minimizing unnecessary
--  Cisco Call Manager & additional device integrations -- allows the
    ability to track job-related phone calls and other non-printing
    functions such as laser cutters and other production equipment.
--  Third-Party Integration -- includes the ability to assign project
    information from applications such as Newforma or when submitting
    using PlanWell EWO to reduce redundant data entry and enhance the
    level of detail assigned to a print job.
--  Additional embedded support -- Embedded copy-tracking solutions are
    now available for equipment from Oce, KIP, Canon, Ricoh/Savin,
    Xerox, Konica/Minolta and Sharp expanding AbacusPCR's capabilities and
    improving ease-of-use for users. External touch pad solutions are
    available for most other manufacturers.

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